And also offer her services out side of Detroit - in Lansing, Grand RapidsTraverse City, either when occasionally visiting or by exclusive appointments.

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Sweet gal. Accurate pics.

Sandys american beauties detroit

She looks like an average looking girl to me. Looking at your comments, services amoory message be good, what was her rates?

Text her, no reply as of yet. If she is still in the business, YMMV. She just had been getting on MWT again when it went down, I haven't been able to get onto any of the other local boards yet to see if she's around. Any info would be great!

Feel free to PM. She posts on local boards. She text me back within 24 hours, with some limited info, pictures, rates, location, etc. Same digits as in the.

Sandys american beauties detroit

She is Still in the Business. I have references from back girls, utr americah, craigslist girls, strippers, but a lot of the expensive girls don't want those references.

American beauties detroit - papirio

I really don't want to put my personal information online and register on dtroit of the pay for verification sites. What can I do?

Sandys american beauties detroit

The verification sites are basically the foot in the door you need to move upwards. You can also leapfrog a bit: agencies like Lesley's might be able to get you to see the mid-range girls, and a few references would get you higher up.

Sandys american beauties detroit