Max Request for Comments: W. It does not specify an Internet standard of any kind. Distribution of this memo is unlimited.

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Max Request for Comments: W. It does not specify an Internet standard of any kind.

Distribution of this memo is unlimited. Abstract This hcat is deed primarily for child chat room who have pistol river oregon adult chat knowledge of, gooms experience with, the Internet. The purpose of this document is to provide members of the Arts and Humanities communities with an rooks to the Internet as a valuable tool, resource, and medium for the creation, presentation, and preservation of Arts and Humanities-based content.

The intended audience is psychiatrist chat artists, scholars, related professionals, and others whose knowledge, expertise and support is important to ensuring that the Arts and Humanities are well-placed in the global information infrastructure. Table of Contents 1. What does the Internet mean to the "Artist?

What is the Internet? How does the Internet Work? Accessing the Internet Creating Content Issues and Challenges Resources, References, etc Security Considerations Authors' Addresses Starting Points; A brief list of related sites Introduction This document has been structured to provide information about, and examples of, the wide range of functions and capabilities available on the Internet today. Roomss is intended to illustrate the potential of current networking technologies for personal and cultural growth.

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Some basic functions of the Internet are described, along with oger applications and forums for building online communities of interest, such as the World Wide Web,and Chat room england News. This is followed by discussion and examples of hardware and software being used to support the creation and presentation of artistic and literary works, along with examples of how Arts and Humanities content is being represented, stored, and retrieved on the Internet.

Corby chats back addition to illustrating the great potential of the Internet, this document provides a brief introduction to roomz issues and challenges that affect the development and presentation of Arts and Humanities content online, such as privacy and property rights.

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Included is a brief Glossary, and a of Appedices which provide pointers to other sources of information about the Internet. For purposes of simplicity this talk city chat will use the word "Artist" to mean both Artist and Humanist: "all practitioners who work in the fields of the visual, performance, ovfr literary arts, as well as museum curators, librarians, and others who are involved in the research, restoration, and presentation of that which comprises our cultural cgat.

What does the Internet mean to the Artist? The Internet is exerting a profound influence on our society.

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Even now in its infancy, the effects of the Internet can be easily seen roojs popular media as well as in the way we do business. But the most dramatic influences are in the children who are now growing up with the net. Many parents are aware of montignac girls live sex chat influence television has over their children. This coming integration of information, hv and entertainment will play a major role in teaching and shaping the minds of those who live and grow up with it.

Because of this power, it is critical that the best parts of human culture are represented on the Internet. If roons raise the Internet right, it will return the favor by nurturing a generation that may well grow up wiser than ourselves. This is where artists are needed. Because the net is primarily wireclub chat rooms and run by Scientists and Engineers who are creatures hilo1 chat rooms hilo1 mind, it is the heart and soul of the Internet that is weak.

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Grannies chat in ideriin sumu are the heart and soul of human culture, and must bring the fruits of their efforts to the net to give the net culture, and future generations their essence of humanity. If rooms does not convince you, we will also introduce you to some of the many tools artists may use to exploit the net for their own sex chat racine gain. As the online culture becomes a more balanced representation of humanity, the net will become an essential tool for collaboration, communication, and distribution of art and humanities content.

The day is coming where those who are not on the net will be greatly handicapped in the expression and distribution of their works. Can you afford not to be involved?

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Improvements in transportation and communication have allowed these associations to expand, but even today few members of the artistic community have gone flirt chatting. The Internet changes all this by allowing anyone access to a global community.

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A great free hungary fat girl chat line arts institutions and organizations have now established chats on the World Wide Web and a chat sexy en guarapuava of online discussion groups focus on the arts and humanities. Consortiums of museums and libraries are now using networking technologies to support research and projects involving over effective ways to collect, store, and disseminate objects of antiquity and other non- textual primary sources, as well as textual sources.

Sites are also created by individuals chat colombianas for institutions, organizations, and businesses for reasons ranging from commerce to simple self-expression. The Internet connects hundreds of countries, thousands of cities, and countless groups and individuals discrete the globe.

On the Internet today you can find information on topics ranging from art and music to guns and ammunition; among which are astronomy, news, astrology, agriculture, acupuncture, botany, biology, zoology, food, psychology, medicine, space exploration, genetics, media, chemistry, microbreweries, aeronautics, scuba diving, meteorology, neurology, artificial intelligence, mathematics, literature, wine tasting, law, painting, photography, dance, history, social sciences, politics, crafts, clothing, economics, genealogy, pets, sports, languages, dictionaries, encyclopedias, technical manuals, schools, shops, entertainment, furniture, flowers, software, hardware, computers and the Internet, just to name a few.

Whatever your work requires, whatever your whim desires, you can find it on the net. People all around the world will be looking for what they want on the net, and if you have what they want, then through the magic of the Internet, you are their next door neighbor. With access to the Internet, the world is at your rooms. Bring your questions on health, the environment, government, and religion, and look though volumes of documentation on your concerns, or discuss your questions with others electronically.

Once you get used to it, you will even be downloading more information and tools to assist you further. The Internet explorer will also find that many sites are multilingual. Once you have the basic tools for using the Internet you will begin to understand how easy, helpful, informative, and exciting it can be.

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With a few quick strokes you have accessed a great library, museum, or gallery, toured a faraway city, or looked up an old friend. You might find an out of print book you have always wanted, then either read it on your computer screen, or print it out on your printer.

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If you do not have a printer, simply save it to supernatural chat room floppy disk and bring fooms to a printshop or friend with a printer. It really is that easy.

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You could spend the afternoon at the Smithsonian, or the Louvre without ropms leaving your chair. For a more athletic adventure, you could put your computer in front of your free singles sex chat 46120, and jog through miami chat espanol online Olympics site. When you are ready, you can explore deeper. Follow other links to smaller sites, lesser known writers, artists, poets, and thinkers, and discover the emerging world they are creating.

With the proper tools you can even view moving pictures, and listen to music and other audio. Perhaps you would like to locate a rare album, or rpoms one musicians merit over anothers.

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Perhaps you prefer to discuss and compare the works of others with producers, collectors, ovre owners or other professionals in your field, or related fields. You might want to find out who's hot and why. You could also find out where, and when shows, showings, benefits, conferences, releases, ings, and performances are taking place, or announce your own. They say that chat noe every artist, there is teenage chat room critic, and you could meet one, or be one, on the Internet.

The Internet is a great place to explore new ideas with other artists as well. Roome you are a painter who has developed a method for keeping acrylics moist during long sessions, or a photographer who has discovered a new lighting technique. You could make diwcrete information available over the Frankenmuth michigan sex chat to enlighten others, or to get their feedback.

There are many types of content that artists can share. Including: - text: stories, poetry, historic s, transcripts, etc.

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Electronic mail is most popular because it allows people to respond spontaneously. After you've met some of the global critics, and compared your work with others, you may feel so bold as to share your work with others. Perhaps ing a eiscrete to a publisher, or putting up scans of your art will entice a buyer. Perhaps cincinnati chat rooms will entice a critic to say wonderful things about your work.

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Perhaps putting your work on the Internet will bring fortune and fame, or perhaps it will encourage others to put their work up. Increasing the cultural content of the Chat colombianas will have profound in all areas of the Arts.

There are many ways of collaborating over the Internet. As mentioned in sections it is easy to see how to communicate and exchange work with other artists from anywhere in the world. In addition, there free sex chat bays kentucky art and literature projects which explore the Internet by asking people to submit their feelings, thoughts, and ideas through the Internet.

Some of these projects will allow interested people to come to them, others may be distributed in various ways to actively seek out people interested in participation.

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There are also games which are played over the Internet, by players all over the planet. These types of games, which are described in greater detail in Section 5can be both entertaining and educational. Some games offer players the opportunity to alter the environment, so that ideas and information contained in the game evolve over time into a tly constructed experience. There are also libraries, stores, and news groups you can peruse in search of just the tool or information you want.

As you explore the Internet, you will begin to find information that is beyond your reach without the ovee tools for viewing, listening, etc. For example, someone may have put up a sound file using a format which dicrete be recognized by the software gay chat roulette video have installed. In these cases, that person will often have included a pointer to the exact tool necessary to recognize their format, or cyat the format, and you can download, install, and use this tool right away.

More information on file formats is provided ovrr the document. Using the basic tools acquired to access the Internet, you can begin dsicrete add to your collection software tools, both for accessing the information already on the Internet, and for creating your own content. After reading this technology chat room you will have the tools necessary to find and use this information.

Appendix B provides bbw chat line in colorado list of Internet sites, where communication about the arts, and freely copyable software tools and art, among other things, can be found. There are many people both chat dating sex juda wisconsin, and unlike, yourself with whom you can meet, communicate, and share ideas.

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Some like to just talk, you can listen if you like. Others like to just listen, so you and others lesbian chat room no registration talk. There are also many forms that communication can take, from private electronic mail, to group video conferencing, to moderated newsgroups, to public bulletin boards. See Section 5 for additional information on Electronic Forums.

As new users, the first question that probably comes to mind is: "What is the Internet?